The Little Gravely that COULD!

The Little Gravely that COULD!

My main Gravely Tractor is undergoing transmission work at the moment.  So last night I pulled out my back up tractor to do some snow blowing.  This tractor is the antique Model Li that I featured in THIS blog post.  And so because of the genius of the Gravely design all the attachments are interchangeable across several years of two wheel tractor models.  That means I can put the snow blower on this little guy!  And let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised with just how hard this little Gravely can work!  Even at less horsepower, 6.6 horse as opposed to 8 horse on my main tractor, this tractor was really doing a good job and holding it's own!  Of course my neighbor showed up with his Commercial 12, a giant of a tractor, using the same blower attachment.  It is a sort of  "Gravely Club" after all!

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