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Kittery's snow removal budget on the mark

KITTERY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While many town and city officials across the state are watching their snow removal budgets quickly shrink, Kittery has only used 50% of its overtime budget.

Norm Albert of Kittery Public Works says even though parts of Maine have been pummeled with record snowfall amounts this winter, snow levels have been average in Kittery.  That means their overtime budget and road treatment budget is only halfway gone.   But this winter has had its challenges, too. It's been difficult to monitor the duration of the various storms.  Longer storms mean longer days for the crews, which is when the overtime budget significantly diminishes.

"It's when we have to come in, treat them (the roads), plow them, let it build up a little bit, then plow them again. It's a lot of wear and tear, and it's a lot of expense."

Albert says he's confident the remaining half of the budget wil be enough for the rest of the winter. 


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