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Breast Cancer Survivor Gives Back

Breast Cancer Survivor Gives Back


Breast cancer survivor and Cumberland Foreside resident, Laurie Hyndman, pays it forward.

“We are grateful for Laurie’s energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to the Center,” says Michele Johns, Executive Director of the Cancer Community Center (CCC) of Laurie’s recent appointment to the Center’s Board of Directors and ongoing support of the CCC.

“I walked out of my doctor’s office having just had the diagnosis confirmed. I had breast cancer,” says Hyndman. “I drove straight to the Cancer Community Center to sit down with my pal, Michele Johns. I hadn’t been there before, but I knew what the center did. Needless to say, I never ever thought I’d need the CCC’s services. Michele armed me with literature about breast cancer, shared the many program offerings that might help me on my journey and, most importantly, offered her love and support. What a difference that can make.