Do You Need a Mobile Version of Your Website?

It depends…

Boy, we hear that a lot. I’m sure you’ve been hearing “this is the year of the mobile” for a few years now. Ho-hum, let’s just get on with it already!

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What is a KPI?

In marketing lectures, webinars and keynote speeches you may hear the term ‘KPI’ a lot. In a recent conversation I had a colleague ask me what a KPI actually was and how I use them. So I thought I would talk about that here briefly.

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Movies: "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

Movies:  "Crazy, Stupid, Love."


I had put off seeing this one, in part because of a personal aversion to previous Steve Carell comedies, with their humor so often based on humiliation of one sort or another.  (I can say the same for most of Ben Stiller’s oeuvre.)  


But I’m here to tell you that “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” (yes, the title really does have a period at the end) is a delightful adult comedy:  smart, funny, sophisticated and touching.


What’s interesting about this movie is its pedigree.  It was written by Dan Fogelman, whose prior movies were both in animation (“Cars” and

Win Four Tickets to the Indy 225 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Win Four Tickets to the Indy 225 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway INDY 225 Sunday, August 14, 2011 3:30pm Oval | IZOD IndyCar® Series

“A New Breed of Speed” comes to New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Sunday, August 14 for their only New England appearance.

At speeds of 200 mph, some of the most fearless drivers in the world will bring heart-stopping, wheel-to-wheel racing back to New England.

Stiffler's Social Scoop on WJBQ 97.9 Starting Today

Stiffler's Social Scoop on WJBQ 97.9 Starting Today

Beginning today during the 2:00PM hour, I will be on WJBQ 97.9 with Teddy McKay for the debut of Stiffler's Social Scoop! I will be talking about all sorts of things, mostly social media related, but of course we will have some gossip & other interesting things to discuss [such as The Bachelorette! ;)] . I will share some social media tips that will help you all when it comes to using your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts.

I hope you listen! :) Pssst... You can stream them live online!

Grain field progress - High Summer!

The grain field has really exploded these past few weeks.  The corn really liked all that heat we had!  It went from about knee high to taller than me right now!  The ears of corn are just beginning to form and swell.  The barley has "headed out" meaning that the heads of grain are emerging from the stalks.  The small needle like shoots that are attached to each grain are called "awns".  Awns are pretty interesting.  In barley they aide in photosynthesis.  In some strains of wheat such as "emmer" the awns actually have little hairs on them that contract and move with humidity.  This is important because if the grains were to ever hit ground these little hairs would contract and help to push the little grain into the soil!  Very cool!

How and Why to Create Google Alerts

I’ve been using Google Alerts for about 2 years now and can tell you that they save me lots of time!

As a Sage Preferred Vendor, we work with many different Sage Partners who work with a variety of industries, selling an array of different products – from accounting software to CRM systems!

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